La LoberiaFree: All time

La Loberia sits 30-40 minute walking distance away from the main town of Puerto Baquerizo in San Cristobal island. From town center, ask for the direction and walk towards the airport. Turn left right before the military school. The beach has coral-tinted sands and is home to many sea lions. Other wildlife you’re likely to spot are the iguanas, lava lizards, yellow warblers and frigates. Pack your water, lunch, sunscreen and your other necessities before heading there. Should you not want to walk, a taxi ride costs roughly $3.

Address: San Cristobal, Galapagos
Direction: Walk 30-40 minutes from Puerto Baquerizo towards the airport, turn left right before the military school and walk the gravel road until you see the sign for La Loberia.

Photo credit: Antoine SIPOS (Flickr CC), YamezA (Flickr CC), Chris Piel (Flickr CC)