El ProgresoFree: All time

Established in 1869, El Progreso is the oldest surviving settlement in Galapagos. It’s located within a short bike ride (or about 40-minute walk) from Puerto Baquerizo Moreno town center. Today, about 500 people live in this sleepy small farming village. They originated from an Ecuadorian penal colony from back in the mid 1800’s. These prisoners were taken slave labors in a sugar cane plantation and sugar refinery by a cruel and despotic man, Manuel Julian Cobos. The workers, tired of the abuse, revolted and killed him. You’ll find ruins of the sugar mill still in El Progreso. You’re bound to pass this small town when riding your way to the El Junco Lake.

Address: San Cristobal, Galapagos
Direction: 8km east of Puerto Baquerizo Moreno
Website: www.galapagos.org/about_galapagos/san-cristobal