Since you know we’re broke…

We take donations such as a free round-trip ticket to the other side of the world, a Gore-tex parka, a GoPro camera, and an Ipad mini. This will help us discover more free things to do around the world while keeping warm and dry during rainy days so we can snap some sick wide-angle photos and post more entries while on the road. Brilliant!

Just kidding! (Although it wouldn’t be so bad if you did send us those stuffs…)

What we really do need is your help to populate the entries on this site. Perhaps you know a bar around the corner that serves free pizza every Tuesday night? Or an abandoned cave worth visiting in some peninsula? Don’t hesitate to drop us a line or fill in the form below.


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Sergio Escobar (Chile), Sharon Fan (Taiwan), Claudia Pramono (Indonesia), Ruoz Neo (Singapore), Dario Gualtieri (Spain), Peggy Wong (Malaysia)