Hietaniemi BeachFree: All time (Jun-Aug)

Hietaniemi Beach (a.k.a. Hietsu) is a popular sand beach in central Helsinki. The sand originated from the beginning of the 20th century when the landfill was used as a storage area of sand. Since it was unused, locals adopted the area as a sand beach in 1929. Until today, locals flock Hietaniemi Beach during the summer to enjoy the long days, the sun, beach volleyball, and the calm water. Some will even swim out to the small island not far off the coast where seabirds like to hangout.

Address: Hiekkarannantie, 00100 Helsinki
Opening hours: Supervised beach between Jun-Aug Daily 10am – 9pm
Direction: Bus 55A to Hietaniemi Stop
Phone: +358 09 310 71431
Website: www.hel.fi/hki/liv/en/sports+facilities/beaches/hietarannan+uimaranta+beach

Photo credit: Helsinki 10 (Flickr CC), Jonik, Rodriquez Quiñones (Flickr CC)