Zoo LakeFree: All time

Situated only 15 minutes of the city center in Johannesburg, Zoo Lake is one of the most popular park for locals. Zoo Lake is the go-to spot for picnicking, dog-walking, boat riding, jogging and and other outdoor activities. While entry to the park itself is free, some amenities like boat ride and swimming pool do charge a fee. However, walking around the lake leisurely is gratis and roughly takes 2 hours. Zoo Lake was originally gifted to the city in 1902 under the condition that the facilities were to remain open to people of all races, which was unusual in Colonial South Africa. The multi-racial nature of the Park endured throughout the Apartheid era.

Address: Cnr Jan Smuts Avenue and West World Street, Johannesburg
Opening hours: Daily 10am – 5:45pm
Phone: +27 11 483-1017
Website: www.jhbcityparks.com/index.php/our-parks-contents-28/find-a-park-contents-64?task=view&id=53

Photo credit: Dyltong