Temat RzekaFree: All time

Temat Rzeka is a new initiative to further develop the popular beach area by the Poniatowski Bridge. Covering an area of 23,000 square meters, Temat Rzeka is full of hip locals especially at dusks and in the evenings. Many would bring their own picnic blanket plus food and drinks to watch the sunset. After the sunsets, the youngsters would hit the bars and clubhouses around the area. The team responsible for the Temat Rzeka project have high hopes for turning the whole zone into an area for recreational, artistic and business activities. In the plans are outdoor film screenings, art projects designed in harmony with the surrounding beach and woodlands, a play area for kids, a whole range of music and dance performances, outdoor cooking displays and sports/exercise events.

Address: Beach next to Poniatowski Bridge (on Praga side)
Opening hours: Wed 11am – 1am; Thu 11am – 2am; Fri 11am – 3am; Sat 11am – 5am
Direction: Bus 141/151/182/188/N25 to Kryniczna Stop
Phone: +48 790 51 07 60
Website: www.tematrzeka.pl

Photo credit: Norbert Maksymiuk (Flickr CC), Maciek Suchorabski (Flickr CC), Miroslawa Chomczyk (Flickr CC)