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St Lawrence’s is one of the three oldest churches in Macau. It was constructed from wood around 1569. In 1618 the church was rebuilt with clay. The present construction, made in stone, was completed in 1846. It stands near the southern coast where ships would enter the harbor and family members of Portuguese sailors used to pray for their safe return at the steps of the church. The is where the Chinese name for the church comes from: Feng Shun Tang (風順堂), ‘Church of Smooth-sailing Wind’.The church is an imposing structure, standing in a garden filled with palm trees. It can be approached from the rear or, by way of a grand staircase and ornamental gate. Painted in cream and white, St. Lawrence’s Church has twin towers, one of which was once an ecclesiastic prison, and a fine Chinese tile roof. The interior is richly decorated. It has a magnificent wooden ceiling painted turquoise with white and gold beams, from which hang elegant chandeliers. The high altar contains a handsome figure of St. Lawrence in gorgeous vestments. Above him hangs a crown held by a cherub and behind is a stained glass window with a dove as a symbol of Holy Spirit. The triangle behind the dove represents Holy Trinity.

Address: Rua de São Lourenço (access from Rua Da Imprensa Nacional)
Opening hours: Church: 8am-5 pm; Office Hour: Morning 9 am-12:30pm, Afternoon 2 pm-5pm (Saturday afternoon ,and closed on Sundays)
Direction: Bus No. 18, 28B, 50, 9, 16, 26
Phone: +853 28573760 / +853 28973843 / +853 6680 5936


Photo credit: 张越东 (Flickr CC), Blowing Puffer Fish (Flickr CC), nekotank (Flickr CC)
Contributor: Wilmer Ling, Kuby Ng