SkypeFree: All time

Okay, so Skype is nothing new. It’s a free internet phone service for your computer or smartphone. Most of you probably already use it to “skype” other users. However, the best usage of it that we discovered when travelling abroad was to use it to call toll-free numbers in your home country. Chances are you’ll need to call up your airlines to make changes on the itinerary, your banks to sort out why your card was denied, your credit card companies to cancel your lost card, etc. These calls tend to be long and involve long on-hold time. This is when Skype comes in real handy. You can make these toll-free calls anywhere in the world for free as long as you have a decent internet connection! Also, if you do add a little bit of money to your Skype account, you will be able to call other numbers at a very inexpensive rate (around US$0.025 per minute). A 30-minute phone call will cost less than $1.