Museum of Liberation of RomeFree: All time

This small, modest museum is housed on several floors of a nondescript apartment building. However, what makes the Historic Museum of the Liberation of Rome site interesting is that it was once the headquarters of the German SS Kommandateur during WWII. It was then transformed into a prison in January 1944, where many brutal interrogations, torture, imprisonment and murders of the Roman Resistance members occurred. Today, the museum displays memorabilia connected to the underground struggle of the Liberation front in Rome. Much of the memories are revealed on the interior of the building itself; on some walls bearing writings reflecting touching messages of life and freedom often written by prisoners nearing death.

Address: Via Tasso, 145, 00185 Rome
Opening hours: Mon-Sun 09:30am – 12:30pm, Tue, Thur, Fri also 4pm – 7:30pm; Closed in August
Direction: Subway Line A to Manzoni Station
Phone: +39 06 700 3866

Photo credit: Museo Storico della Liberazione