Yangmingshan National ParkFree: All time

Yangmingshan National Park is a collection of peaks located to the northeast of Taipei. Easily reachable from central Taipei or Beitou, Yangmingshan is the perfect place to a day trip. In this volcanic landscape, one can find forested mountains, hot springs, rolling grass hills, historical trails and resorts. The tallest peak, Mount Qixing (Seven Star Mountain) has an elevation of 1,120 meters and is the highest peak in Taipei City. Free things to do in the national park include viewing the panorama of Taipei from an observation platform at the entrance to Zhuzi-hu (Bamboo Lake), picnicking at the best grassland in Qingtiangang, climbing the peak of Mt. Qixing, hiking the various trails such as Tianmu Trail, Jianbaoli Trail, Erzihping Trail, and soaking in the public hot springs at Lengshuikeng or Xiaoyukeng.

Address: No. 1-20, Zhuzihu Road, Beitou District, Yangmingshan, Taipei City 11292
Opening hours: Daily 24h
Direction: Bus No.260 from Civic Blvd (outside Taipei Main Station) every 10 mins; Bus Red No.5 from Jiantan MRT Station every 15 mins; Bus No.230 from Beitou, every 30 mins.
Phone: +886-2-2861-3601
Website: english.ymsnp.gov.tw/index.php?option=com_content&view=featured&gp=0&Itemid=104#

Photo credit: manginwu (Flickr CC), Brady Montz (Flickr CC), Eduardo M.C. (Flickr CC), edwin.11 (Flickr CC), Blion Chen (Flickr CC)