Wilanow PalaceFree: Thursdays (Limited passes)

The Wilanów Palace was built in the 17th century for the Polish king John II Sobieski. It was later owned by different families. The first museum at the palace opened up in 1805 by the owner at the time. The current museum takes up a big portion of the interior – featuring a portrait gallery, frescoed room, private apartments of King Jan III Sobieski and other splendors of Poland from the past. Entry is free on Thursday but you’d need to still get the ticket in the office near the gate. The tickets are given out on first come first serve basis starting at 9am until they run out. Arrive early to make sure you secure them. The free admission also extends to the park outside.

Address: ul. S.K. Potockiego 10/16, Warsaw
Opening hours: Mon, Wed-Sun 9:30am – 4pm; Closed Tuesdays
Direction: Bus 139/163/164/379/519/725/742/317/E2/N31/N50 to Wilanów Stop
Phone: +48 22 544 27 00
Website: www.wilanow-palac.pl

Photo credit: Przemyslaw Jahr, Poco a poco, Wilanów Palace