Tourist's Language HandbookFree: All time

Although Japan ranked 14 in their English proficiency compared to the countries in the world, it’s normally rather difficult to communicate with with locals when in Japan if you don’t speak Japanese. Japan National Organization (JNTO) offered downloadable PDF’s of Tourist’s Language Handbooks. It’s available in various languages: English, French, Chinese, Korean, and Thai. In the handbooks, you’ll find practical phrases to use in different situations: on the street, at the train station, at a restaurant, at a store, etc. The idea is you find what you want to say, show and point to the corresponding phrase written in a Japanese to the person you’re talking to. Remember to begin your question by saying “Su-mi-ma-sen” (Excuse me). “A-ri-ga-tou” (Thank you) would be appropriate to say when your question has been answered 🙂


Photo credit: Japan National Tourism Organization