Toronto Sculpture GardenFree: All time

The Toronto Sculpture Garden has been the site of innovative contemporary sculpture installations since 1981. This small, urban park in the downtown core serves as a testing ground for visual artists to experiment with public space and to address issues of architectural scale, materials and context. It has given some artists their first opportunity to work out-of-doors, to experiment with the challenges of siting work within an urban environment and it has provided them with critical experience for future public art projects. The Garden is both a civic and a private initiative. It is a unique partnership between the City of Toronto, which owns and operates it as a city park, and the Louis L. Odette family, who created a non-profit foundation to fund the exhibitions.

Address: 115 King Street East, Toronto, Ontario
Opening hours: Daily 8am – dusk
Direction: Subway Line 1 to King Street Station
Phone: +1 (416) 515-9658

Photo credit: Sam Javanrouh (Flickr CC), Greg Heo (Flickr CC)