Little MermaidFree: All time

One of the most popular tourist spots in Copenhagen is definitely the Little Mermaid. It is a bronze statue based on Hans Christian Andersen’s fairy tale. Sculpted by Edvard Eriksen and commissioned by Danish brewer Carl Jacobsen, it was gifted to the city of Copenhagen in 1913. While the Little Mermaid has been sitting at Langelinje Pier for a century, it has in recent decades become a popular target of vandalism. She has twice lost her had, once her arm, and several times been poured with paint. Aside from the statue on display the pier (which itself is a replica of the original), thirteen undamaged copies of the statue are located around the world.

Address: Langelinie, 2100 København Ø
Opening hours: Daily 24h
Direction: Bus 26; S-tog to Osterport STation
Phone: +45 39 63 48 07

Photo credit: News Oresund (Flickr CC)