Sultan MosqueFree: All time

The Sultan Mosque has a long history that goes back to 1824. The architectural style seems to be straight out of the Arabian Nights. When Singapore was ceded to the British in 1819, Sultan Hussain Shah of Johore acquired small fortunes in exchange for their power. The Sultan decided to build a mosque next to his palace with the funds solicited from the East India Company. Today, the mosque has become one of the most important in Singapore. All visitors are expected to dressed appropriately and cloaks are available at the entrance.

Address: 3 Muscat St.
Opening hours: Sat-Thu 9am – 12pm & 2pm – 4pm; Fri 2:30pm – 4pm
Directions: Metro Line 3 or 12 to Bugis Station
Phone: +65 6293 4405