Largo di Torre ArgentinaFree: All time

So Largo di Torre Argentina is not in Argentina. It’s in Rome, Italy. And this square is not named after the country Argentina, but the city of Strasbourg in Germany. Go figure! In any case, at Torre Argentina, you will find the remains of four Republican Roman temples (400-300 BC), and the Pompey’s Theatre. The theatre is best known as the site where Julius Caesar was assassinated . If you’re no history buff, you may perhaps be delighted to know that amidst these ruins are some 250 stray cats roaming the premise! The cats first came after the site was excavated, and through the generosity of of locals feeding and caring for them, the population grew. Today, it is the official site for a Cat Sanctuary. Visitors are welcome to watch these felines sunbath or to volunteer to help them.

Address: Via di Torre Argentina, 00186 Rome
Opening hours: Daily 12pm – 6pm
Direction: Bus to Largo di Torre Argentina
Phone: +39 06 454 25240

Photo credit: The History Blog, Peter Clarke