Lost ChargersFree: All time

So you left your cellphone charger in a hostel in Paris and you’re already miles away in Amsterdam? Well, don’t curse yourself over it because you’re not the only one who tends to do this. In fact, here’s a statistic: Chargers are the #1 most left behind items at hotels. Many places have a big bin filled with every possible phone charger imaginable. So technically, if you lost yours, you can just walk in a hotel and tell them you left yours there last time you were there and voila, you’ll get shown a box full of chargers to pick from (Apparently, this works at car rental places as well.) It’s not very ethical per se, but hey, you gotta do what you gotta do when you’re broke. And by the way, you didn’t learn this from Broke Tourist.

Website: lifehacker.com/5454709/replace-your-lost-cellphone-charger-for-free

Photo credit: Chris Jordan’s photographic arts “Intolerable Beauty”.