Park PobedyFree: All time

When you arrive at the Park Pobedy by metro, pay attention to the station itself. At 84 metres underground, it is the deepest station in Moscow. It also contains the longest escalators in Europe – it takes three minutes to ride it to the surface! On the surface, you’ll find Park Pobedy or “Victory Park.” Constructed on an area steeped in Russian military history, the park was constructed in honour of Russia’s victory in the Great Patriotic War. On its entrance is a long promenade which leads up to an obelisk, soaring at 150 meters in height and surmounted by the statue of Nike, the Goddess of Victory. Behind this lies the Museum of the Great Patriotic War and further down the hill, an exhibition of tanks and war planes.

Address: Ul. Bratyev Fonchenko 7, Poklonnaya gora, Moscow
Opening hours: Daily 24h
Direction: Metro Line 3 to Park Pobedy Station

Photo credit: Martin Deutsch (Flickr CC), Hendrik Terbeck (Flickr CC), Paula Funnell (Flickr CC), Bernt Rostad (Flickr CC)