OdaibaFree: All time

Odaiba is a large artificial island in Tokyo Bay built upon what was originally a set of man-made fort islands of the Edo Period. In the 1980s, a massive development project was undertaken to make Odaiba what it is today, a popular shopping and entertainment district. In the area, you’ll find everything from a space-age Fuji TV Building, a 18th-century South European themed mall, a scale-copy of Statue of Liberty and a massive Gundam robot. Other free attractions worth checking out are the Museum of Maritime Science, Toyota Megaweb, Rainbow Sewerage Museum, etc. While Odaiba is accessible via public transport, it is more fun to take a scenic walk over the Rainbow Bridge.

Address: Odaiba, Tokyo
Direction: Train Yurikamome to Daiba Station; Train Rinkai Line to Tokyo Teleport Station; Tokyo Water Bus to Odaiba
Website: en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Odaiba

Photo credit: Gorgo