National GardenFree: All time

This beautiful park that is now the National Garden was once the garden of the Royal Palace created in 1839. It is now open to public and serves as a green retreat in the city. Located right behind the parliament building, the National Garden covers some 15.5 hectares of space. It encloses some ancient ruins, columns with Corinthian capitals mosaic, etc. There are also two duck ponds, a children’s playground, a small zoo and a cafe. Cats can be seen laying around in the premise as well.

Address: 1 Amalias Avenue, Athens
Opening hours: Daily sunrise to sunset
Direction: Metro Line 2 to Acropoli Station; Line 2 or 3 to Syntagma Station
Phone: +30 21 0721 5019

Photo credit: orangejon (Flickr CC), Arnaud Abélard (Flickr CC), Ignacio Munguía (Flickr CC), SpirosK photography (Flickr CC)