Nakagin Capsule TowerFree: All time

Born out of the Metabolism architectural movement, the Nakagin Capsule Tower was completed in 1972, embodying the space age spirit in the brave post-war new world. The building has 140 prefabricated capsules that were fitted into main concrete core. They were assembled in such a way that’s meant to be disassembled individually. The original target demographic were bachelor salarymen in Tokyo. Although it started out as a bold architectural feat, the Nakagin Capsule Tower has now fallen into disrepair. Its concept is perhaps too far-reaching and hasn’t been able to stand the test of time. Only about 30 capsules remained in use as apartments, while others were used for storage, office space, or simply abandoned and allowed to deteriorate. Talks about demolition has been going on since 2006 but the building designer, Kisho Kurokawa, proposed to unplug the existing capsules and replacing them with updated units. As of today, the building still exists.

Address: 8-16-10 Ginza, Chuo-ku, Tokyo
Direction: Subway Oedo Line to Tsukijishijo

Photo credit: pictureTYO, Dick Johnson, Miki Yoshihito