Muizenberg Audio TourFree: All time

There’s a lot more to this neighbourhood than Surfer’s Corner, as this passionate Muizenberg local’s audio walk will soon make you realise. You’re led by a long-time resident with a passion for storytelling to the village’s best-kept secrets – quirky little shops, art studios, and a free street-side wall library – and down the coast to Muizenberg train station, where the walk ends. Her directions are easy to follow and play through your smartphone automatically (along with plenty of amusing anecdotes) at specific GPS coordinates. Offline maps are available if you’re worried about getting lost, and come already downloaded in the free walk’s package, so you don’t need to use any data en route.

Address: False Bay Train Station, Main Rd, Muizenberg, Cape Town
Directions: Take the train to False Bay Station, on the Southern Line. The walk starts in the parking lot of False Bay Station.

Contributor: Claire van den Heever