Mount QixingFree: All time

Mount Qixing (Seven Stars Mountain) is the highest peak in center of Yangmingshan National Park and is a popular hiking destination. Many begin the hike directly from the park headquarters. The 2.5km Mt. Qixing Hiking Trail fromt the Miaopu entrance on a side road near the headquarters. At about 1.6km into the trail, you’ll reach Qixing Park, which is a scenic rest area that also provides great views of the peak, as well as over the city of Taipei. Continue on the trail and you’ll reach the summit of Mt. Qixing. On the other hand, you can also take a 1.7km side route down to Lengshuikeng for a free dip at the public hot spring. If you end up reaching the summit after all, you can still continue on north to Xiaoyoukeng.

Address: Yangmingshan National Park
Opening hours: Daily 24h
Direction: Bus No.260 from Civic Blvd (outside Taipei Main Station) every 10 mins; Bus Red No.5 from Jiantan MRT Station every 15 mins; Bus No.230 from Beitou, every 30 mins.

Photo credit: king.f (Flickr CC), Jiashiang (Flickr CC)