Cabot CircleFree: All time

Cabot Circus is much more than just a typical mall which you can see in any city of the UK. Instead, it is home to an architectural phenomenon; the whole area is covered with shell-shaped glass but there is still a large amount of openness and fresh air, making this shopping centre very spacious and grand. There are even many roads passing through the spread out area, which is very close to the centre of Bristol, making for an easy route. Many of the restaurant’s at cabot circus serve some of the world’s finest cuisines such as Thai, Chinese, Indian, American and many more. The Cinema DeLux has thirteen screens and a special Director’s Hall, within which the screen is twice as large, the seats are plush leather and there is the ability to have food ordered to your seat! You will definitely not want to miss this breathtaking architectural feat and the designer shops which roam amongst it.

Address: Glass House, Bristol BS1 3BX
Opening hours: Daily 10am – 8pm
Direction: Train to Bristol Temple Meads station
Phone: +44 117 952 9361

Photo credit: Adeel Siddique
Contributor: Adeel Siddique