Anden 0Free: All time

The old Chamberi metro station has been closed since the 1960s. The ghost station was unused until the recent opening of Anden 0 – a small museum on the history of Madrid’s metro system. Visitors can see the old ticket booth, turnstile and also walk down to the old platform. One of the main attractions of the station is the advertising displays. They have been preserved practically since their creation in the 1920’s. For those interested to know more about the inner-working of the metro system, head over to Anden 0’s other center: The Pacifico Engine Shed. Housed inside are three impressive diesel engine and the rest of the machinery used at the time of their operation to generate and transform the energy for powering the trains. These machine became obsolete by the 1950’s and now serve as the main exhibits in the power station.

Address: Chamberi Station: Plaza de Chamberí, Madrid; Pacifico Engine Shed: Calle de Valderribas, 49 Madrid
Opening hours: Chamberi Station: Fri 11am – 1pm, 4pm – 7pm, Sat & Sun 10am – 2pm; Pacifico Engine Shed: Fri 10am – 2pm
Direction: Chamberi Station: Metro Line 1, 4 to Bilbao Station; Pacifico Engine Shed: Line 1, 6 to Pacifico Station
Phone: +34 91 392 06 93

Photo credit: Hipnos (Flickr CC), Leticia Ayuso (Flickr CC)