Absa Money MuseumFree: All time

As South Africa’s only money and banking museum, a trip to the Absa Money Museum is an outing not to be missed! Situated in the stylish Absa Towers West building in the heart of Johannesburg, the Money Museum is home to the most complete collection of South African numismatic items in the world. The museum’s history stretched back to the beginnings of trade in Johannesburg, and the dynamic displays include ranges of early money forms (such as Cowrie Shells and Venetian glass beads) through to gold coins retrieved from sunken ships. The Absa Money Museum also covers the history of the banking giant in depth, and one can trace the history of Absa and the development of money in South Africa and its financial history.

Address: 187 Fox Street, Johannesburg
Opening hours: Mon-Fri 8am – 4pm; Closed Saturdays & Sundays
Phone: +27 (0)11 350 4167
Website: www.absa.co.za/Absacoza/About-Absa/Absa-Bank/Attractions/Absa-Money-Museum

Photo credit: City Sightseeing South Africa