Sumiyoshi Taisha ShrineFree: All time

Built in the 3rd century, Sumiyoshi Taisha Shrine is one of the oldest Shinto shrines in Tokyo. It’s dedicated to three gods and worshipped by many as the guardian deities for sailors and prosperity. It is the headquarters of over 2000 Sumiyoshi shrines throughout Japan. The complex is surrounded by woods and a red arched bridge spans over the pond in the entrance to the shrine ground.

Address: 2-9-89 Sumiyoshi, Sumiyoshi-ku, Osaka City
Opening hours: Apr – Sep 6am – 5pm; Oct – Mar 6:30am – 5pm
Direction: Tramway Hankai Line to Sumiyoshitoriimae Station; Train Nankai railway to Sumiyoshitaisha Station
Phone: +816-6672-0753